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I'm a be on the next level

I'm a be rockin' over that bass treble

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Writer Healing/Celebrating Alicia YT Day
Saturdays are like... gifts from the gods. Assuming none of the teachers at Degrassi had sticks up their asses and assigned major projects over the weekends, Bianca was free from 3PM on Friday until at least 5PM on Sunday, when the homework crackdown began.

Saturdays were reserved for sleeping in. Letting her hair get wild. Dancing in her room. Reading.

After a Friday night glammed up and out, wrecking havoc on the town, it was something she'd always tried to do. Take time for herself. Dance class. Saturdays.

But this Saturday was different. She didn't want to be alone.

Wondering if Adam was awake--after all, it was still early for a weekend--she fumbled with her phone. Her mom was working, and no one else was home. Would it be cool to invite him over? Deep breath.

Couldn't hurt to ask, right?

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No, it couldn't hurt to ask.

He was technically awake, but he hadn't yet made the effort to climb out of bed. Luckily, or, well, less lucky, it was intentional, his cellphone had a fairly permanent home on his nightstand, so he only had to roll over and fumble for it.

Excuse his somewhat raspy greeting. Dry throat. "Hello?"

"I'm kinda surprised you aren't a morning person, Torres." She tugged her hair back into a ponytail with one hand, balancing her cell on her shoulder.

"What are you doing today."

"...Good morning to you, too."

He sat up, running his hand through his hair.

"I don't know, nothing."

"Well... are you up for doing something?"

She smiled.

"With me."

"Yeah, sure. What do you have in mind?"

That's a happy sort of wake up call.

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