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I'm a be on the next level

I'm a be rockin' over that bass treble

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mfing princess
She dialed quickly.

If she was going to, well, date Adam, she was going to have to say things. Things she wasn't used to saying. Things that, with any other guy, might be understood. But things that, with any other guy, probably wouldn't need to be addressed in the first place.

And who knew when Adam was going to ask. It's not like he was... proactive. Flirty? Yes. Forward? Hell yes. Interested in making the first move?


Which is why Bianca was hitting send.

She didn't waste a second. When she heard Adam say hello, she hit him full force.

"Look. If we ever have sex, and that's a big if because I'm pretty sure it's something we need to talk about first, I just want to let you know that I'm... creative and shit. And I'm opening the door for conversation. And. You... aren't saying anything, so. I'm gonna hang up right after this, but I just wanted to say that if we did, I would want you to... um. Wear something. And fuck me. And I would." She could see herself in her bedroom mirror. She was bright red. She hadn't blushed at something sexual in years. "Suck you off. And." Her voice got quieter, sharing a secret. "You wouldn't have to wrap. Unless you wanted to."

She paused, feeling slightly dizzy.


She hung up, and immediately regretted it, because the silence in her room after hearing him breathe was suffocating.

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"Can I touch you?" An odd question, after today, but it feels like he should ask it so he's going with it.

"Please." She moves her slick fingers slowly, feeling every inch of what she imagines.

"You're still - touching yourself?"

He clears his throat, closes his eyes. "I'm just going to slip my - fingers through yours. And... help."

She shifts a little, instantly, like, 500% more turned on (and trying not to let that scare her). "You should."

For a moment she doesn't move, just imagines his fingers...

Bites her lip.


He swallows, shifts as well.

"...You like that?"

"I--huh." The phrases get tangled up as a light breeze from the window passes over her skin in a slight approximation of breath.

Nice timing, breeze.

"Tell me what you want me to do."

Bianca shivered.

"Do you... Do you feel my clit?" She spread her lips and rubbed gently, feeling her breath speed up.

"Y-yes." He squeezes his eyes shut, in a weak attempt at slowing down his heart rate.

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