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If god's the game that you're playing, well we must get more acquainted
Lying is one thing. Everybody lies.

Lying when confronted with the truth, hurting me, and calling me a bitch? That's... something else.


Drew's obviously going through some shit right now, and part of me wants to help... Just do whatever is necessary to get him through this. The other part? Seriously pissed and done. I'm not going to stick around just to get told I shouldn't. I have any other guy in this school for that. I don't deserve to be treated like shit for caring.

[locked from here down]
I mean. It's body stuff, right? What if Drew's like his... like Adam?

Alicia left town again. She didn't leave a note.

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Your boyfriend's anorexic.


He finds it feminine and is afraid of telling people. Probably why you don't know yet.

Re: Bianca/Jenna Only

[rubbing her eyes] God, you're serious.

As a heart attack. KC and I took him to the doctor a few days ago.

Re: Bianca/Jenna Only

Not that I expect you to have an answer to this, but what the hell am I supposed to do?

Just be there for him. He'll probably struggle with this for the rest of his life.

Re: Bianca/Jenna Only

[Biting her lip] Okay.

... Thanks.

I know this isn't how you wanted to find out, but you deserve to know.

Re: Bianca/Jenna Only

I do. I appreciate it.

How do you put up with that?

Put up with lies? [Shrugs, still angry] Depends what the truth is.

I meant Drew calling you that awful word.

Oh, I'm a bitch. I just don't appreciate someone who cares about me saying it in the tone he did.

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